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It’s Now Easier to Find Information on GCX Products

It’s Now Easier to Find Information on GCX Products

You may have noticed we recently updated our website to provide a more modern user experience for those interested in GCX’s mounting solutions and on-site services. We’re big believers in collaboration, and our site refresh should better foster such interactions with current and prospective custome…


Medical Technology: The Bridge to Better Patient Care

Hospitalizations can be traumatic experiences, whether a visit is planned or not. Patients find themselves surrounded by unfamiliar equipment -- monitors to track their vital signs and devices that help administer treatment. It may be reassuring to know that the best technology available is being a…


Putting More Information and Control in the Patient’s Hands

Not long ago, one of our customers asked this question: What could we do within a patient’s room to make it easier to use a tablet or other portable electronic device? Could we repurpose an over-bed table so we can avoid another awkward cart or big arm in the room? So, we set to work putting togeth…


Learn How to Make Patient Rooms More Engaging at HIMSS16 Booth #4039

One of the medical technology industry’s biggest conferences is this week, and we’re excited to again be a part of it. HIMSS16 kicks off Monday with Preview Night at the Sands Convention Center and Expo in Las Vegas. By the end of the week, we hope to have met with many of the 43,000 attendees look…


Paralyzed Patients Use Technology to Engage with their Care Team and Families

Not long ago, GCX unveiled a new Patient Engagement Table, a hospital-grade over-bed table with an adjustable arm that places a tablet or other electronic device in easy-to-use positions for hospitalized patients. It was designed to improve the individual patient experience, as well as relieve some…


Tablets at the Bedside: Protecting the Devices

Generally speaking, hospitalized patients can have difficulty using a tablet device because (a) they may be unable to a grip the device securely; (b) they can’t position it for comfortable viewing from a bed or chair; or © they may drop it on the floor, causing damage. Freestanding devices also…