Patient Monitor: VHM-PL Variable Height Arm with Locking Arm

EMR Workstation: VHRC Variable Height Configurable Cart

Mobile Vital Signs Monitor Cart

Emergency department 1

Emergency Department

Making It Easier to Maneuver During Emergency Care

Most emergency departments are hives of activity, with admins, EMTs and medical staff daily operating around a sudden influx or steady flow of patients. Emergency personnel must have quick access to medical devices and monitors in often small patient bays. IT equipment frequently resides in multi-user central locations or workstations on wheels. Telehealth opportunities connect patients with outside specialists in real time at the point of care. When time is of the essence, it’s important none be wasted trying to access or move equipment into place

GCX provides a wide range of variable-height and mobile solutions to mount patient monitors, computers and IV therapy to walls and roll stands so life-saving equipment is always within easy reach. These carts and arms can then be repositioned or removed to reduce their footprint. We also provide a way to modernize the admin and discharge process using safely mounted laptops and tablets. Additionally, GCX wall mounts can securely support large flat screens in waiting rooms, providing information and entertainment to anxious visitors in waiting rooms.

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Space Savings

  • Leave more space to provide emergency care or bring in family members by retracting or removing mounted equipment when not in use.
  • Images and information also can be easily retrieved to educate patients and their loved ones upon admission or before discharge.
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Infection Control

  • Reduce the spread of germs and reduce stress with securely mounted flat screens in waiting rooms that display anonymized patient information to keep people informed with minimum face-to-face interaction.
  • Covered channels and unibody construction reduce hard-to-clean crevices
  • Tablet and other device enclosures are made of medical-grade materials that hold up to rigorous cleaning between uses.
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Multi-User Monitoring

Clinicians comfortably interact with medical equipment and IT technology using adjustable medical mounting solutions that help employees maintain neutral positioning.

  • Patient vitals can be easily monitored by users of variable heights with the right mount either centrally located or inpatient treatment areas.
  • Equipment used for charting and care management can be tucked away when not in use.
  • Variable height arms on carts and roll stands also help maintain ergonomics to reduce workplace injuries.
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Quality Assurance

  • Partnering with one manufacturer for all mount needs makes a patient area look modern, streamlined and comforting to patients and visitors.
  • Having one vendor as the point of contact for all your mounting needs saves time and money while providing quality assurance. 
It emr ergo


Pflegepersonal, Ärzte und anderes Klinikpersonal müssen in der Lage sein, den Monitor und die Tastatur in einer Höhe und einem Winkel zu positionieren, die ihnen individuell eine komfortable Verwendung ermöglichen. Daher ist es wichtig, dass eine Workstation in der korrekten Höhe installiert ist. Unser Ergonomie-Arbeitsblatt unterstützt eine solche optimale Positionierung.

Ergonomie-Arbeitsblatt ansehen

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