How do I replace casters on my roll stand or cart?

Caster replacement depends on the style of cart. Below are different wheel bases to help you determine your cart style and the part number needed. 

A 5-wheel base with a blue stand and rollerblade-style casters requires Part Number CR0008H1A and a minimum purchase of (5) casters.

GEM 0020 6 X SM 800 800

A 5-wheel base with dual black wheels or single grey ones now require the dual black version for replacement regardless of which style you have (Part Number RS-0008-08). These items can be purchased online at:

Carts vhrs

A 4-wheel base comes in a variety of options. Therefore, we recommend taking a photo of the base/​casters and sending your request to In addition to the photos please include the make and model of the device the cart is holding. 

Carts vhrc