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Evaluating Supports for Healthcare IT Equipment

October 11, 2022 in EMR Hardware, Medical Mounting Solutions, Tablets

Evaluating Supports for Healthcare IT Equipment

Is your mount keeping up with your investments in EMR, tablet and mobile solutions? If you’re planning or in the process of adding or upgrading IT equipment, it’s important to...

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Looking to put a tablet on an existing Patient Overbed Table?

November 2, 2021 in Patient Engagement Table, Tablets

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Solutions like our award-winning Patient Overbed Table bring tablets to patients in a secure manner, so they can stay informed and keep in contact with care teams, family and friends....

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CASE STUDY: Health System Seeks Better Way to Use Portable Ultrasound Device

March 30, 2020 in Custom Solutions, Medical Devices, Mobile Devices, Tablets

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The Philips Lumify is a portable ultrasound device with multiple transducers that enables users to simply download a mobile application onto a smart device, plug in the transducer, and go....

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Tablets in Healthcare

March 3, 2020 in Medical Devices, Medical Mounting Solutions, Patient Experience, Tablets

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The ability to gather and access information with the touch of a fingertip, and carry it around wherever you go, is invaluable for those working in healthcare. It is for...

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Fulfilling a Clinical Need: A Medical-Grade Support Arm for a Tablet

August 28, 2018 in Medical Devices, Tablets

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Since GCX’s foray into patient engagement projects officially launched some three years ago, we’ve been listening to how we can best help our customers fulfill a growing need with our...

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Exploring a Higher Level of Patient Experience

July 6, 2016 in Mobile Devices, Patient Engagement Table, Patient Experience, Tablets

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In a Richmond, Va., hospital’s ICU, tetraplegics unable to move by themselves are communicating and staying connected to the outside world by controlling an overhead laptop’s cursor using their eye...

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Tablets at the Bedside: Protecting the Devices

June 6, 2016 in Medical Devices, Medical Mounting Solutions, Mobile Devices, Tablets

Generally speaking, hospitalized patients can have difficulty using a tablet device because (a) they may be unable to a grip the device securely; (b) they can’t position it for comfortable...

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Putting More Information and Control in the Patient’s Hands

January 4, 2016 in Patient Engagement Table, Patient Experience, Tablets

Not long ago, one of our customers asked this question: What could we do within a patient’s room to make it easier to use a tablet or other portable electronic...

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Medical Technology: The Bridge to Better Patient Care

December 11, 2015 in Medical Mounting Solutions, Patient Engagement Table, Patient Experience, Tablets

Hospitalizations can be traumatic experiences, whether a visit is planned or not. Patients find themselves surrounded by unfamiliar equipment — monitors to track their vital signs and devices that help...

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